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Can Anyone Please Tell Me The Name Of This Game

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Can Anyone Please Tell Me The Name Of This Game

Post by LarvaTech » October 17th, 2013, 10:35 pm

If u can tell me the name to this game your a hero

It a computer game

- it was made in 2008 or before
-conversation its a strategy game
-its a bird's eye veiw of the game
-its all black and green ( matrix/computer colors )
-you command your minions in groups ( one of them carries a flag )
-the minions look like arrows ( kind of like a computer mouse cursor )
-there are cubes that fall from the sky that when you command one of your minions to capture it, either something good will happen or something bad will happen
-sone possible crates will cause ( ant colony invasion, snakes/worm viruses, missles, ufo)
-there are a few gamemodes which are king of the hill and capture the statue ( you lift the statue and take it to uyour base, but the enemy can steal it from you before it gets yto your base)
-you are on an island
-you arr able to get a demo of it
-I might have downloaded it from

And thats all I remember so can someone help?

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