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Lab Ruins Series [Lotd]

Share great levels you've made or played.
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Lab Ruins Series [Lotd]

Post by agelosk » August 23rd, 2016, 7:12 am

Hello community of atmosphir.

This post was mainly made in order to express my joy that Atmosphir is back (especially its community). I used to play Atmosphir in its old days a lot and it's really important that it is here again even in a small form. Anyway, I hope for the best and I am glad I am back.

Let's get to the level though.

Lab Ruins 1-1:

Story: You wake up in a dark abandoned room feeling dizzy and having your memory lost. Wondering why you are there and trying to escape you find out that this place isn't as quiet as it seems. A secret is held behind these walls and it seems like a big journey has started for you.


Lab Ruins is going to be 3 levels long (1-1,1-2,1-3) and after this the next series is going to follow (with the same story to continue). Lab Ruins 1-1 used to be an Lotd level back in the old days and I am so glad I've managed to bring it back as accurately as I can (It's not exactly the same).

Thank you for your time, have fun and I wish the best for our community and game.

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