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IMPORTANT: Thunder7102 has passed away.

Posted: April 21st, 2016, 12:48 am
by Swords761
Hi all,

I haven't been super active lately, but I just got word from my Xenia MC server team that one of our active users, known there as Totestots, committed suicide yesterday (April 19th). Most people here know her as the former Atmosphir moderator Thunder7102, which is why I'm sharing this news on OMB. Hopefully my word is good enough that the two usernames are related (Thunder/totes formally identified as male, but in their last few years identified female).

Anyone who wishes to share memories of her with the family are welcome to do so: here. My deepest condolences to friends and family in this time of need. One of my staff members, Whitelightning, has also created a petition in her memory so that no one else should have to take the drastic measures she felt she had to as a result of this mistreatment. Here's the link to that if you'd like to participate as well.

Finally, please take care of yourselves and do not be afraid to reach out to a server administrator or a friend/family member you trust if you are struggling with depression, loneliness, or something similar. Many of us have been through a similar struggle and have overcome it, and we wish the same for you.

Re: IMPORTANT: Thunder7102 has passed away.

Posted: April 21st, 2016, 1:49 am
by Sebastian Lawe
I have no words to describe the shock that I'm in right now.
We dont really think about how close to home stuff like this can hit, until it does.

I would never have expected to have somebody so close to the community to be put through so much, that they would feel the need to come to these terms. To be quite frank, I never expected something like this would happen within my lifetime.

It truly sucks that something as trivial as what gender you identify as, or what sexual orientation you are, changes how people treat you. At the end of the day, we should only be judged by our actions and personalities.

Its a tragedy this had to happen. If I could have, if any of us could have, it would have been nice to try and resolve this situation differently. With all said and done though, all we can do now is try and prevent another tragedy.

Since she was taking computer science for University, I'll be dedicating my game Project NOR in memory of her as a representation of what her passions were. I'd like to maybe also have a wall of quotes from her on a wall in a map, or have something else of great significance present. She may have died before she made a mark in her career path, but she's certainly made a mark in our lives.

I really encourage, no, I URGE signing the petition Swords has linked, and sharing it. I've taken the liberty of converting this thread into a site wide announcement as well.

And lastly, to Thunder7102. From one girl to another, I hope you're someplace where you're happy. I'm saddened we couldn't be any help to you. Here's me dressed as a female.

Re: IMPORTANT: Thunder7102 has passed away.

Posted: April 21st, 2016, 12:38 pm
by ElectroYoshi
I can't say anything about how this makes me feel, other than, I wish it were some kind of sadistic late-April fools joke.

The suckiest thing is that this kind of thing DOESN'T have to happen. The whole reason it does is because apparently being transgender is among the most heinous crimes human beings can commit. Even though I'm not the world's biggest fan of political correctness, I'm beyond fed up with this idea that anyone who doesn't conform to what's considered the "norm" deserves to be subjected to this kind of crap.

I signed the petition the first chance I got. Even though the stigma of being gay or bisexual is fading, that is not happening with being transgender. I'll be the first to admit that I don't totally understand the concept of being transgender, but people shouldn't have to "understand" the concept to be accepting of people who are trans themselves.

Thunder7102, I really wish there was something we could've done. I hope you're at least in a better place now.

Re: IMPORTANT: Thunder7102 has passed away.

Posted: April 21st, 2016, 2:26 pm
by Phantomboy
I think the two posts above me sum up my thoughts rather well. I am sadly not someone who got to know Thunder7102 very well. I definitely had seen her around and conversed with her on a few occasions, but I am certain that she had made many many friends both within and outside of our community, who will dearly miss her.

I will keep this short, but, it is an overwhelming shame and disgrace that our society as a whole so regularly condemns what it does not understand. Ultimately, it fails those it should protect. We need to push against the status quo, our view of gender needs to change. We cannot allow our perceptions, or the perceptions of previous generations, raise future generations to further bullying, discrimination and injustices.

Re: IMPORTANT: Thunder7102 has passed away.

Posted: April 21st, 2016, 3:11 pm
by Hollabyte
I don't have any words. I don't know what to say. But I have to say something in honor of Taylor, or Thunder7102 as I once called her.

I had some great memories with Taylor that I'll always cherish. As a gay man, LGBT issues are very important to me. Everyone in the LGBT community has faced hardships of our own and thankfully most of us have overcome them. I cannot fully empathize with how she must have felt at the end of her life, but no one should have to feel as she did. I urge all of you to sign the petition.

Please reach out to me if any of you feel the need or desire to talk to someone about LGBT issues or otherwise.

Re: IMPORTANT: Thunder7102 has passed away.

Posted: April 21st, 2016, 9:10 pm
by Lemon
I was shocked to learn about this. While I've been inactive on the internet community in the last year or so, Thunder was a daily part of my life for many years, and this will not be forgotten.

I don't have a lot to say; this isn't a topic I'm very seasoned in, but Taylor is someone who was always a pleasure to work with and was a crucial part of the Atmosphir moderation team many years ago. Thunder was a creative person and a role model in any community she was a part of.

If anyone needs some positivity in their life, please feel free to reach out to me by any means you can (

IMPORTANT Thunder7102 has passed away

Posted: January 16th, 2019, 8:27 am
by Warnerengew
feel free to delete this if Im not allowed to post this here

Sarah has passed away. theres a gofund page on her fb to help her family raise money to help in light of these events.
I dont know what else to say right now, Im still in shock.

IMPORTANT Thunder7102 has passed away

Posted: February 2nd, 2019, 2:19 pm
by accoca
For those of you not on Facebook..Bob passed away Monday the 24th at 3:33 pm , from complications of heart surgery . Please keep Karen in your prayers.....