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Want To Download An Old Version Of The Game?

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Want To Download An Old Version Of The Game?

Post by bionicnacho »

Hello again guys!

This has been brought up a couple of times before, but the answers are all spread out on the forums. I just wanted an easy to find place where anybody, old or new, could find the link to where the old versions are hosted.

Most of them have both Mac and PC versions available and there are even some Linux builds in there. I've been told some of these don't work for unknown reasons so if you get one that's bugged go ahead and try another. All the files are hosted here. All credit goes to DrFuzzyness for uploading these back then!

Atmosphir 1.0
Windows: ... ws_1.0.exe

Atmosphir 1.3
Mac: ... %201.3.dmg

Atmosphir 1.4
Mac: ... TA_1.4.dmg
Windows: ... TA_1.4.exe

Atmosphir 1.5
Mac: ... TA_1.5.dmg
Windows: ... TA_1.5.exe

Atmosphir 1.6
Mac: ... TA_1.6.dmg
Windows: ... TA_1.6.exe
Linux: ...

Atmosphir 1.7
Mac: ... TA_1.7.dmg
Linux: ...

Atmosphir 1.8
Mac: ... TA_1.8.dmg
Windows: ... TA_1.8.exe


Hopefully this will be of use to you guys!