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Guides, Tips and Tutorials Megathread

Working on a new level? Have Tutorials to share? Post your work in progress here!
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Guides, Tips and Tutorials Megathread

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Hey! Seeing as it's easy for good guides to get lost or buried, I've decided there should be one place where you can go to look for any sort of guide. If you want your thread to be added to this post, please just send me a message!

Floating Pathways: If You're Gonna Do 'em, Do 'em Right
Simple Tips To Improve The Look And Feel Of Your Levels
Street Lights Thread Of Creating Atmospheres And Environments
Info Stickers
Interactives/Gravity Master Race
HDR Light & Skyboxes!

Resisting The Urge To Free Rotate Blocks.

The Basics Of Atmosphir (tutorials) By: Dave
Death Limit Area And Portal Machine
2d Level Guide
Realistic Fall - How it is made

[Note: still working on the formatting of this since I'm kinda busy atm, just wanted to get this out there. Will fix soon :)]