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Read First: Frequenty Asked Questions

Having technical issues or problems with the game? Let us know here!
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Read First: Frequenty Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
Have a problem or question about the launcher / game? Look here first!


Q: Where are my saved local drafts?
A: C:/ProgramData/Atmosphir/game/Atmosphir_Data/drafts on Windows, /Applications/Atmosphir on Mac.

Note: C:/ProgramData is a hidden directory. You'll need to show hidden files to see it.

Q: How do I get atmos?
A: You can get atmos and XP by just playing the game. Please note that only XP and LOTD levels will grant rewards. On Windows you may see alerts after playing levels that you've earned a certain number of atmos, but this is not correct.

Q: I remember seeing more items in the store... where are they?
A: We were able to add most items to the store, but some are still missing. This is due to the limitations that we used to have with editing AssetBundles. We have now solved this, which means that the missing store items will be included in a later update.

Q: Where can I get the older, pre-unity version of Atmosphir?
A: We have download links for various versions of Atmosphir for multiple platforms (including Linux) over on this thread.

Q: I downloaded the game before the launcher was available. Is there a way to use the files I've already downloaded so I don't have to download everything again?

A: Yes, there is! First, you want to make sure the launcher is installed and it runs properly. Then, locate your old Atmosphir installation. The old downloads were bundled with Atmosphir's original launcher, so you'll need to find the files for the game itself.

On Mac, Right click your > Show Package Contents. You'll find another inside, which is the one we want. Copy this application.

For Windows, you'll find an Atmosphir_Data folder right next to your Atmosphir.exe. Open it up, and you should find another Atmosphir.exe inside along with another Atmosphir_Data folder. Copy all of the files in the directory you just opened.

Now find the directory the launcher was installed in. On Mac it would be /Applications/Atmosphir > Show Package Contents or C:/ProgramData/Atmosphir on Windows. If there isn't one already, create a folder called game in this location (all lowercase) and paste the files you copied in the directory you just created, replacing existing files if there are any. Then, download this file, un-zip it and put its contents in there as well. When you start the launcher again, your game will be updated to the latest version.

Note: C:/ProgramData is a hidden directory. You'll need to show hidden files to see it.


Q: When starting the game from the launcher, it seems to be stuck at 19%.
A: Head into C:/ProgramData/Atmosphir and look for Interface.exe and run it. Does it resolve the issue? If it does, you can right click to create a shortcut and put it on your desktop. Use this instead.

Q: The launcher won't open! / I don't see anything!
A: Please make sure Gtk# is installed and updated. You can get it on this site by clicking the "Download Gtk#" button. You may need to restart your computer after installing.

Q: No matter what I search, I get the same results. / All search categories show the same levels.
A: Install CCleaner (the free version will do) and run a cleaner. Then, restart Atmosphir and things should be working properly again.
Warning: Be sure to de-select application data you don't want cleaned by looking over the options on the left sidebar.

Q: I've tried everything else listed on this thread, restarted my computer and triple checked that Gtk# is installed but when I try to start the launcher, it still won't open. What do I do?
Go to C:/ProgramData/Atmosphir and look for a file called NoGUI.exe. If you don't have it, download it here (make sure you put it in the aforementioned directory). Run the file and everything should work. It's basically the same as the regular launcher, but it doesn't need Gtk# to run since it doesn't have a real GUI. This is a workaround until the native, windows-specific GUI is developed.

Tip: Replace the shortcut for the launcher created on the desktop with a shortcut to this application.


Q: The launcher instantly crashes!
A: Please make sure you have the latest version of mono installed. You can get it on this site. If you already have mono but this still happens, check your version by typing mono -V in terminal. You'll need at least version 4.

Q: The launcher or game won't open after an update.
A: If it's the launcher that's not opening, issue the following command in Terminal:

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chmod +x /Applications/Atmosphir\ 
Or if it's the game:

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chmod +x /Applications/Atmosphir\
If it still isn't opening, then try moving the application to your Desktop.