Framerate issues

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Framerate issues

Postby Firebreaf » August 7th, 2017, 2:34 pm

I finished designing a huge level, Mausoleum of the Dark Beast. It is at 99.9% capacity, but I had no real trouble playing or editing it in design mode or loading it from the main menu once I submitted it. I put the first score on the board right after I submitted it and had no problems. Now all of the sudden, my framerate plummets as soon as it loads and it continues until I either load another map or exit the game altogether. My settings are always on low and it's in the lowest resolution of windowed mode. Nothing has changed as far as I can tell. Any ideas? I wanted to take some screenshots and post to the new levels thread, but it's totally unplayable for me right now.

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Re: Framerate issues

Postby bionicnacho » August 12th, 2017, 2:29 pm

Hm, it's odd that it worked for you at first and now it doesn't but something to keep in mind is the capacity bump that we gave the game a while ago. Your 100% capacity level is actually about 300% capacity on the original scale, which can take a toll on older or less powerful PCs.

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Framerate issues

Postby byronagida » May 13th, 2019, 9:02 am

now its failing to load me into shadow wars. it will teleport to the shadow war phase. but wont load me into the match.

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