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Atmos and Stratos

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Atmos and Stratos

Post by OAKSIF0 »

I like that this game is back but the problem I am having is how are you suposed to get more Atmos and Stratos? You can't even buy them because the link doesn't work. Please help! Thanks.
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Re: Atmos and Stratos

Post by Phantomboy »

Ah, yes~! I don't know if this is said anywhere because it probably should be.. but you beat levels which have the "XP" tag on them and you'll get atmos automatically as you level up (unless I'm horribly misremembering)

EDIT: And to my knowledge stratos aren't currently implemented - but if you ask Bionicnacho, that might have changed, but I'm not entirely sure about that one.
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Atmos and Stratos

Post by accoca »

Thanks for all the hard work.

And good luck. Not that you will need it of course.
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